The Potty Putter Golf Game

OMG..Just when you thought you’ve seen it all! I guess those who really love golf, and I do mean really love golf will get the most out of this or maybe it’s a really cool gift for a laugh but….what next LOL.

This is the Potty Putter toilet time golf game and oddly enough it’s a best seller on in its category. Now you can practice while you poop! What better way to pass the time away when you’re on the throne.

This TV commercial says it all and it’s probably the funniest thing you will see all day.

But don’t pay $19.99 for it, it’s now $13.99 via

potty putterThis might actually seem like a funny gadget, but for the golfer who just can’t stay away from the game, it’s perfect! Only problem is, they’ll never leave the toilet – unless…well, you know – if the smell gets to bad.

If you’re after a funny or unique novelty gift idea then the Potty Putter toilet game is just what you need. Toilet paper not included, lol.

Price: $13.99 via


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