The Echo Smart Device

According to CNET, The Echo Smart Device “May be the closest thing we’ll have to a Star Trek computer at home”.

The Echo is a smart device gadget that is designed to work around your voice. It has seven microphones and beam forming technology, so the Echo can hear you from anywhere in the room, even when you have music playing. The Echo is also an expertly tuned, state of the art speaker with impressive sound, that can fill any room when needed.

Cool Gadgets Echo

The Echo is a #1 Best seller on, and rightly so. Echo connects to Alexa, which is the cloud-based online voice service that many people use today, to provide information, play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather reports or their favorite sports results, and lots more, instantly. And all we have to do is ask.


Amazon Echo

Cool Gadgets Amazon Echo


If you are looking for a set of cool speakers, or a speaker that does everything, then this may be a cool gadget for you!

Price: $179.99 via


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