Star Wars Legendary Jedi Master Yoda Trainer

star wars jedi masterAre your ready to train to be a Jedi? Prepare for some serious moves and follow along with Yoda’s lifelike movements and interactive gestures.

This Jedi Master Yoda trainer is not powered by just one motor, no! The force is great in this one because he is powered by eight motors, measuring 16-inch tall. Watch as Yoda does all kinds of skilful moves utilizing 360 degree movement!

Prepare to be dazzled because the legendary Yoda trainer is the most Authentic Star Wars Collectible this side of the Galaxy. Some features include:

Full Voice Recognition

Speak with Yoda himself and unlock his true wisdom and powers. Yoda understands your commands and will guide you in the ways of the Force. Featuring over 115 iconic phrases from the legend, Yoda sure does come to life with full interactive capabilities.

Authentic Glowing Lightsaber

A true master of the Lightsaber is he with great skill and technique, watch as Yoda teaches you to be a great Jedi Knight. Simply place the Lightsaber in Yoda’s hand and it will activate, unleashing its iconic green glow.

Activate Yoda’s different modes of attack – 

  • Warrior Mode
  • Wisdom Mode
  • Force Mode

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