Rapid Fire Rubber Band Machine Gun

This next cool gadget is a fun, and old school cool toy for young and old. The Rapid Fire Rubber Band Machine Gun is just like the little toys we used to hand make growing up, only it’s a little more cool, and a lot more accurate. Sometimes some of us used only our hands and fingers as the guns. The design of this rubber band gun is the best I’ve seen, it’s awesome!

Rubber Band Machine Gun

Not only kids can have fun with this baby, it would be great for the big boys and girls who like to have a bit of fun with each other at home, in the backyard, or at work, in the office, or wherever those sly and undercover work wars are happening.

This Rapid Fire Rubber Band Machine Gun would definitely give you the upper hand in the office war that’s for sure lol.

I personally used to shoot rubber bands from my fingers, and it’s almost impossible to be a good shot and have power at the same time when you do it my way. I only wish I could have got my hands on one of these Rubber Band Guns when I was a young fella lol!

Rapid Fire Rubber Band Machine Gun and Box

The Rubber Band Machine Gun & It’s Motor, & It’s Body Parts

The Gun’s motor is controlled by a single squeeze trigger, and this makes it really smooth and easy to operate. This means it would make a great gift for kids and even older people who are not too tech savvy so to speak. I have a few older family members that are impossible to teach instructions to when it comes to technology today so the more simple things are the better, and it means they can still have fun.

The more basic gadgets are the better in my opinion. Everything seems to be very technical today, so that means a lot of people miss out on all the fun. But not when it comes to cool stuff like this Rubber Band Machine Gun.

The body of this rubber band gun is made from precision laser cut timber, and this means that all of the parts of the gun fit together perfectly, so it doesn’t fall to pieces when you are firing rubber bands, which is pretty important lol.

One of the things that make this particular rubber band machine gun so awesome, is that it has a battery powered motor, and this enables the gun to shoot an insane 10 rubber bands per second! The Rubber Band Machine Gun can hold up to 63 bands, which is crazy! This means you get a whole minute of constant shooting action. That means a win in any battle of the band.

Losing ammo is not too much of a problem either, because you can buy separate packs of extra rubber bands (it’s always a good idea to have extra ammo, for any weapon, especially when you are practicing your accuracy).

Rapid Fire Rubber Band Machine Gun in Box

A Special Gift

What makes this rubber band gun a special gift?

Another awesome thing about this rubber band gun, and another good reason that it makes a great gift idea for the young and the older generations, is that you get to assemble the gun yourself. Although a lot of people do not care about this, everyone needs to have a good think about this when buying a gift.

For instance, if you a grabbing a gift for a father to give to his son, just putting the gun together is the perfect opportunity for a bonding session with father and son, then they get to play with it and enjoy it even more. When given a gift like this toy gun, it can help the child learn to follow instructions, and learn to look after their new gift as well.

The Rubber Band Gun is an awesome gift for a grandparent to give a grandchild for the same reasons I stated above. The person giving the gift to a child gets to spend that quality time with them, so they get extra enjoyment from their gift. These are the things we take for granted today, and because of technology, it’s becoming more and more rare, which is a real shame.

Price: $49.99 with FREE shipping via Amazon.com


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