Mini Chinook RC Helicopter

When it comes to Cool Toys, this RC Helicopter is up there with the coolest for the price range.

The Syma S026 3 Channel Mini Chinook RC Helicopter as an awesome, stable and easy to fly RC Chopper, and the Sky-Pots Syma SO26 includes spare parts in it’s value bundle pack.

Chinook RC Helicopter

A transmitter is included, which makes recharging easy via the transmitter, and a charge of 30 minutes will give the pilot 6 to 7 minutes flight time. The Transmitter features a charging and power indicator, Back/Forward controls, Right/Left controls, Down/Up controls and Trim Control.

Mini Chinook RC Helicopter

The Mini Chinook RC Helicopter is a classic design, has a lightweight integral 3.7V 150mAh Lithium Polymer Battery and features the built-in rechargeable battery which is charged by the remote or USB cable.

The Chinook Helicopter was first used by the U.S military in 1961 and is still produced today because of it’s reliability

Mini Chinook RC Helicopter

There’s a load of fun to be had for all ages with this awesome RC Chinook Helicopter and especially for lovers of Remote Control cars, trucks, trains, planes and of course helicopters.

What to look for when purchasing your new RC Helicopter online?

This cool gadget has an great rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, from 29 reviews, so that’s quite a few happy customers with some great feedback. The best part about this RC Toy, is that it’s quite cheap for the product and is great value for money from a respectable seller, RC TOYS VILLAGE, and these guys have an awesome 97% positive feedback (5 stars), with a massive 2370 ratings. This is the type of thing you should always pay attention to before purchasing anything online. It’s one of our number 1 rules, and comes before the price of the product. This usually means you will get the best price from companies like these guys, and also your best value for money.

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