Lock N’ Load Gun alarm clock With Target

Now here is a cool gadget! Nobody likes here the sound of an alarm clock right? Well, with the Gun O’Clock alarm clock and target you can wake up in style. Each morning or night when every you wake, you get to wake up to one of three games.

Each time the alarm goes off, up pops a target for you to shoot with your gun! Now if that’s not a cool way to wake up then I don’t know what is!

Game 1: Quick Shot mode – Get five perfect shots within 3 minutes.

Game 2: Time mode – See how fast you can wake up and shoot the target, react, and blast the target away.

Game 3:  Random mode – changes up the timing, making for an unpredictable stand-off with waking life.

Imagine waking up to this each day lol, I can definitely see myself buying one of these just for funz! Ohh man now this would make an awesome gift for a kid as well. I know what I’ll be buying for a gift next time someone’s birthday comes haha so cool.

If you want one for yourself or also think this would make a cool gift 

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