Inflatable Moby Dick Raft

Hit Summer up in style with the Inflatable Moby Dick Raft by Sunnylife. This giant inflatable blue whale raft, is designed for comfortable lounging on the water and is perfect for any pool, especailly your backyard pool. The floating whale raft even has handles for stability and comes with a puncture repair kit, just in case Moby springs a leak lol!

Inflatable Moby Dick RaftGiant Moby Dick Raft

The Inflatable Moby Dick Raft is big enough for adults, but kids will love it just as much. There’s lots of relaxation and fun to be had in the pool, at the beach or lake this summer with this big guy.


  • Dimensions: 120cm x 159cm x 102cm.
  • Made from durable PVC.
  • Color: Blue

Inflatable Moby Dick Raft Packaging

Price: $99 with FREE shipping via


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